Power Electronics Group

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Teacher in charge: Prof. Paolo Tenti


Power Electronics Research
The power electronics group (Competence Centre of the European Power Electronics Consortium) performs research in various areas – theoretical, technological and application-oriented.
In particular, the power electronics laboratory hosts a micro-grid facility, which accommodates a large number of equipment (power sources, power converters, metering equipment) and tools (real-time simulation, hardware-in-the-loop) to allow the simulation, testing and experimentation of smart micro-grids.
A detailed description of the inter-disciplinary micro-grid research laboratory and testing facility is given in the webpage http://smartgrid.dei.unipd.it.

Smart micro-grids research
Low-voltage distribution grids are experiencing an increasing penetration of small-power energy sources (mostly photovoltaic units) owned by domestic end-users (prosumers). A synergistic management of the large amount of micro-flows powered by prosumers can result in dramatic improvement of grid operation in terms of efficiency and performance (hosting capacity, stability, robustness, load-side management, demand response), with valuable benefits for both end-users and energy companies. Our research program addresses this issue at large, by considering the general scenario of distributed generation and storage with the aim to fully exploit the control potential of such distributed resources to allow fully-autonomous, efficient, robust and fast responding micro-grids.