Natural and artificial photosynthesis


Teacher in charge: Donatella Carbonera



  • Natural photosynthetic systems; The main research activity is focussed on photosynthesis and related phenomena. The spectroscopic EPR investigation, complemented with the quantum mechanical calculations, address some of the open questions on the molecular mechanisms taking place in photosynthetic systems, such as photo-protection and photo-inhibition
  • Artificial bio-mimetic photosynthetic systems. Analogs of photosynthetic reaction centers and of light-harvesting systems, including the photo-protective carotenoid moiety, for photo-conversion of solar energy, are studied by time-resolved and pulsed EPR
  • Hydrogenase and photo-production of bio-hydrogen. [FeFe]-hydrogenases are key enzymes for bio-production of H2. Research is currently underway to understand how their active site is assembled, and to improve the development of bio-inspired hydrogenase catalysts in renewable energy applications