EXPO 2017 – Astana

Stationary and mobile storage for boosting renewable energy sources: Activities from Veneto Research and Industry – Italy.


Italian Pavillon- Second Floor – Thursday 24 August 14:00-16:30 and 16:30-19:00


Organizing Institution:

Center “Giorgio Levi Cases” on Economics and Technology for Energy, University of Padua, Italy



  • Present public authorities and private companies committed to the scientific and technological innovation on the energy storage,
  • Involve stakeholders present at EXPO 2017 Astana and stimulate interactions and cooperation with Veneto companies and authorities.


Stationary and mobile energy storage systems will grow worldwide in the next future due to the evolution toward non-polluting carbon-free renewable energy sources. Energy storage is the most challenging hurdle to the full success of electric mobility. In the stationary field energy storage is expected to face not only the intermittency of renewable sources, but also to offer advanced services in the framework of the smart-grid concept, both at national and local (mini-grid, micro-grid) levels. These services range from power quality, with sag compensation, power smoothing, grid stabilization and frequency regulation, to energy management, with load levelling, load following, power balancing, peak shaving, and time shifting, load levelling, load following, power balancing, peak shaving, and time shifting (related to hourly pricing policies) up to investment deferral.


Each event will consist of four seminars (two delivered by university professors, two delivered by representatives of Veneto companies) followed by a question time with the audience to present the Venetian scientific and technological innovation in the area of energy storage.



  • Introduction and greetings, Representatives of the Veneto Region and the Levi Cases Center
  • Evolution and Future Status of Energy Storage Technologies, Prof. Massimo Guarnieri, Centro Levi Cases.
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage: a Battery of Choice, Prof. Vito Di Noto, Center Levi Cases.
  • Coffee break.
  • Partnership initiatives on Energy Storage by Veneto Companies, Ing. Antonio Zingales, SAET SpA, Padua.
  • A Cutting-Edge Multitechnology Energy-Storage Test Facility in Venice, Ing. Angelo Bovo, Veritas SpA, Venice.
  • Discussion with the four speakers and two representatives of spin-off leaders working in the energy sector.

EXPO 2017 – Astana – Energy Storage Event – Italian Pavillon 24_08_17