Idrostrutture di sistemi geotermici









Responsabile: Prof. Paolo Fabbri, PA, Dipartimento di Geocienze

Composizione del GRE:

  • Paolo Fabbri, PA
  • Dario Zampieri, PA
  • Leonardo Piccinini, RU


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Laboratorio di Idrogeologia



Immagine4The main activity of GSH research group concerns studies on hydrogeological, geostructural and hydrogeochemical characteristics of low and medium enthalpy geothermal systems to develop both conceptual and numerical simulation models of these peculiar natural geosystems. This activity is aimed not only to study hot fluid genesis and their flow paths but also their sustainable exploitation.

  1. Hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical characteristics of low enthalpy geothermal systems
  2. Structural geology of geothermal systems
  3. Conceptual and numerical models of geothermal systems
  4. Geostatistical analysis in geothermal systems


Elenco delle ultime cinque pubblicazioni:

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  2. Carraro A., Fabbri P., Giaretta A., Peruzzo L., Tateo F., Tellini F. (2015). Arsenic mobility in shallow arsenic-rich aquifers of the venetian plain (NE Italy). Science of the Total Environment, 532, 581-594 DOI: 10.1016/j.scitoten.2015.06.003
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  4. Pola M., Ricciato A., Fantoni R., Fabbri P., Zampieri D. (2014).   Architecture of the western margin of the North Adriatic foreland: the Schio-Vicenza fault system. Italian Journal of Geosciences, 133(2),       223-234. DOI: 10.3301/IJG.2014.04
  5. Pola M., Gandin A., Tuccimei P., Soligo M., Deiana R., Fabbri P., Zampieri D. (2014). A multidisciplinary approach to understanding carbonate deposition under tectonically controlled hydrothermal circulation: A case study from a recent travertine mound in the Euganean hydrothermal system, northern Italy. Sedimentology, 61, 172-199. DOI:            10.1111/sed.12069



Prof. Paolo Fabbri,

Prof. Dario Zampieri,

Dott. Leonardo Piccinini,

Department of Geosciences , Via Gradenigo 6, Padova