Elettrocatalysis & Applied Electrochemistry group

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Teacher in charge: Dott. Christian Durante



The ECAE group has a solid experience in the synthesis of carbon materials for electrocatalysis via pyrolysis of suitable synthetic organic precursors, biomasses and polymers. The research interests include PGM (Pt and Pt alloyed nanoparticle) and non-PGM (Fe-Nx and Co-Nx) electrocatalysts for PEM-FC, and nitrogen and sulfur functionalized mesoporous carbon as electrode support for electrocatalysis On this topic ECAE has a collaboration with the Toyota motor Europe. Other research interest are:


  • electrochemical reduction and convertion of carbon dioxide;
  • electrochemical approaches to Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization and Atom Transfer Radical Cyclization;
  • electrochemical technologies for wastewater treatments and H2O2
  • electrosynthesis and pollution remediation (mainly halogenated volatile organic compounds);
  • electrocarboxylation of different substrates (halides, ketones, olefins) for the synthesis of fine chemicals and/or pharmaceutical compounds;
  • electrochemical reduction of organic halides in molecular solvents and in ionic liquids and characterization of inherently chiral ionic liquids;