Energy and Sustainability in the XXI century

To answer the request of the HESI board (Higher Education Sustainable Initiative) that asked to insert, for students of the university, credits about sustainability, the Interdepartmental Centre for Energy Economics and Technology “Giorgio Levi Cases” has developed the teaching entitled “Energy and Sustainability in the XXI Century”. The course wants to respond fully to the need to provide training competent, but not specific, on the culture of sustainability in different fields of economy and society.
The course aims to provide a culture based on technical and economic issues related to the management of the energy sector. This is for all students of the University of Padua, not only for that one enrolled in the engineering faculty, but also for each enrolled in a degree program.
Without going into detail, the course aims to provide the knowledge necessary to understand the complexity of the challenges that are in front of our society, to give the opportunity to decline properly energy choices in the different professional activities and help the emergence of a culture of sustainability.
The course is divided into 6 modules of 8 hours each, for a total of 48 hours of lectures, 6 CFU and will start in October 2015. The titles of the modules are:
Energy policy
Energy and industry
Energy and Market
Energy and Climate
Energy, Consumer and buildings
Energy, agriculture and forests



Energy policy

Prof. Arturo Lorenzoni:

- Energy, economy and environment

- Objectives and regulations in the energy sector

- Local policy for energy

- Energy, the challenge of the 21st century

- Energy transition: perspectives, new scenarios, technical and social sustainability

- Complex systems and statistical trends of energy innovations


Energy and industry

Prof. Roberto Caldon:

- The conversion of primary energy. Power stations

- Energy use in industrial networks and in industrial plants

- Energy efficiency and innovation in industry

- Photovoltaic conversion

- The contribution of renewable energy in the near future


Energy and Market

Prof. Paola Valbonesi:

- The energy market

- The rules

- Consumers and contracts

- The pricing of energy in the global market and in the local market

- Contracts for energy in the free and safeguard markets


Energy and Climate

Prof. Michele Moretto:

- Environment and economy

- The economic functions of the environment

- Social efficiency and exploitation of natural resources / energy

- Global environmental problems, international agreements and climatic constraints

- The conversion of light energy into chemical energy

- Photosynthesis and fuels for tomorrow


Energy, Consumer and buildings

Prof. Michele De Carli:

- Energy use in buildings, co-generation, savings

- Energy consumption in buildings

- New technologies for the final energy demand

- Energy efficiency in buildings.


Energy, agriculture and forests

Prof. Mara Thiene:

- Demand for alternative energy sources and renewable resources

- Preference analysis in consumers

- Energy sources from agricultural and forestry systems

- The biofuels and biogas industries of ligno-cellulosic origin