Atomic scale design of catalysts and elettrocatalysts for a knowledge-based development of innovative energetic platforms

Teacher in charge: Prof. Gaetano Granozzi



The group is involved in two European Projects in the field of fuel cells and electrocatalysts:

– NMP.2012.1.1: European Coordination of DECORE: Direct ElectroChemical Oxidation Reaction of Ethanol: optimization of the catalyst/support assembly for high temperature operation (

– FCH-JU-2011-1: University of Padova local coordination of CathCat: Novel catalyst materials for the cathode side of MEAs suitable for transportation applications ( )

The following Italian projects are currently running:

-FIRB GIOVANI 2012: Beyond graphene: tailored carbon layers for catalysis and sustainable chemistry.

-FIRB 2012 : Oxides at the Nanoscale: Multifunctionality and Applications



The Surface Science and Catalysis Group
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