Modeling Analysis and Research in Turbomachinery and Energy Systems (MARTES)


Teacher in charge: Prof. Andrea Lazzaretto



  • Design and testing of aeraulic turbomachinery: Axial, centrifugal, mixed-flow and cross-flow fans; wind turbines.
  • Modeling, simulation and optimization of energy systems: Stationary and dynamic simulation of complex energy systems, energy systems design and off-design optimization, diagnosis of multifunctions. Example of applications:
    • utilization of low temperature heat fluxes
    • integration of solar plants with ORC systems or other power plants (Rankine cycle, combined cycle)
    • biogas and syngas fuelled electric power plants
    • thermal and compresses air storage systems
  • Internal comustion engines, burners and combustors: Numerical and experimental analyses of internal combustion engines; combustion control and instability.
  • Theoretical and computational fluid-dynamics: Turbolence modeling; isothermal and reactive CFD analyses; design and off-design optimization of fluid machines.