Energy scenarios and biomass supply chain management






Teacher in charge: Prof. Raffaele Cavalli



  • Innovative and sustainable uses of low-enthalpy geothermal resources combined with further renewable sources (GeoSEE)
  • Use of grass residues as a renewable energy resource (GR3)
  • Biomass from vineyards residues for energy production (PRO.S.E.C.CO.)
  • Advanced techno-economic modeling tools for assessing costs and impacts of mitigation policies. Efficiency and reliability of mitigation strategies bases on the development of alternative energies link to wind and sun (COMPLEX)
  • Promoting renewable energies (RE) in MED areas by developing an integrated strategy for the use of the forest biomass as a RE source (PROFORBIOMED)
  • Operational scenarios and tools for local private and public decision-makers to achieve energy oriented forest management in rural areal (EUROFORENET)
  • Citizens’ preferences towards wind-farm in Italy
  • Econimic issues with energy production from biomasses
  • Population attitudes towards different national climate policies. Econometric issues within Discrete Choice Experiment: design-induced effects
  • Reducing energy consumption: residential willingness to pay to adopt solar panel. Methodological issues with different types of experimental designs
  • Torrefied Biomass-Comparing Production Costs and Value to Power Utilities in the U.S. and Italy
  • Impact of energy policies in the Veneto Region. A simulation modeling approach