Brief Centre report

CENTRE OF ENERGY ECONOMICS AND TECHNOLOGY GIORGIO LEVI CASES An Interdepartmental Research Centre at the University of Padua LOGO OK                         
  • Coordinates Unipd research activities in the energy sector
  • Involves 38 research groups, with ~ 300 faculty researchers
  • Engages 11 Departments
Director: Professor Alberto Bertucco
The Centre for Energy Economics and Technology “Giorgio Levi Cases” is an interdepartmental Centre of the University of Padua involved in scientific and technological research about energy sources and their transformation, distribution and final use. Established in 1969 thanks to Engineer Giorgio Levi Cases’ legacy and reorganized in 2014, the Centre joins and coordinates research activities in the energy field of ten departments of the University of Padua. It is supported by private and public funds. The objective of the Centre is promoting interdisciplinary collaboration between laboratories involved in various scientific and technological fields related to energy. It has also the purposes to organize scientific events, to establish collaborations with other similar national and international research centers, to interact with institutions and companies, and to offer training courses. With 38 research groups including 300 faculty members, the Centre Levi Cases is ready to become a national and international reference institution on energy issues.  

Interdepartmental Centre Giorgio Levi Cases c/o Department of Industrial Engineering Via Marzolo 9 35131 PADOVA Phone (+39) 049 8275517 email:

THE PURPOSE OF THE CENTRE LEVI CASES: The main objective of the Centre Levi Cases is to promote the cultural and scientific debate on issues related to energy, its transformation, distribution and use, promoting and supporting economically opportunities for interaction and collaboration of the involved research groups of the University of Padua. The Centre wants to favour a interdisciplinary research method, aggregating technical-scientific and economic-management on the subjects of research and investigation each time.

THE CENTRE LEVI CASES ACTIVITIES: · The promotion and coordination of energy research within the University of Padua through funding of PhD students, research grants, research projects and temporary researcher positions. · The launch of the university course "Energy and Sustainability in the XXI century" in the academic year 2015/2016. · The organization of courses, seminars and training initiatives for the public and private operators’ improvement, updating and information. · The organization and sponsorship of events on issues related to the economy and the technology of energy. · The development of documentation and publications of studies in the own competence fields. · The preparation of research projects for raising funds. · Research and consultancy work commissioned by public or private society.