Advanced Catalysis Lab
ASID structures
Automation and Vehicoles Electrical Lab
Biofuel Analysis Lab
Building Energy Lab
Catalysis Lab
Chemical Analysis Lab ICP-AES
Chemical Department Lab
Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab
Computational Chemistry Lab C3P
Computational Electromagnetics
Computational Thermo-Hydrodynamics Lab
Computer Aided Process Enegineering (CAPE – Lab)
Confocal Microscopy Lab
Dry boxes Lab
DSEA Computer Lab
DSEA Library
DSEA structures
ECAE laboratory
Electrical Machines Laboratory
Electrical Plant Lab
Electrical Systems Lab
Electrothermics Lab
Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion Laboratory – EESCoLab
EPR and ODMR Lab
EPR spectroscopy Lab
Head transfert in micro-geometries Lab
Heat transfer with phase change Lab
Inorganic Synthesis and Coordination Compounds Lab
Inorganic Synthesis Lab
Internal Combustion and Aeraulic Machines Lab
Laboratories for the nanomaterials and nanocomposites characterization
Laboratory for Advanced Laser Processing for Photovoltaics
Laboratory of Hydraulics and Hydraulic Constructions
Laboratorio LAPS
Laser micro-Raman confocal spectroscopy Lab
Manifattura Addittiva Lab
Maritime Lab
Materials preparation Chemistry Lab
Microalgae cultivation Lab
Nanostructured Material Lab
Nanostructures&Optics Lab
Optical Measurement Lab
Organic Synthesis Lab
Power Quality Lab
Preparative Chemistry Lab
Propane heat pamp pilote plant
Reaction Calorimetry Lab
Refrigeration technology Lab
Road Experimental Lab
Solar Energy conversion Lab
Surface Science Lab
Surface Supramolecolar Chemistry Lab
Thermal Analysis Lab
Thermal Analyses Laboratory
Thermo-machanical laboratory
Thermoanalytical Measures Lab
Ultra-high-speed and non-linea optics Lab
Veneto Region “Polo fotovoltaico” Lab
White Room ISO-7
Wide band electrical spectroscopy Lab
X-Ray diffraction Lab