Executive Board

Name Position Phone E-mail
Alberto Bertucco Director 0498275457 alberto.bertucco@unipd.it
Paolo Rando Administrative Manager 0498277522 paolo.rando@unipd.it
Roberto Caldon Deputy director – Elected by subscribing Teachers 0498277515 roberto.caldon@unipd.it
Silverio Bolognani Lecturer engineering expert electricity 0498277509 silverio.bolognani@unipd.it
Donatella Carbonera Elected by subscribing Teachers 0498275144 donatella.carbonera@unipd.it
Raffaele Cavalli Director of the Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry – TESAF 0498272724 raffaele.cavalli@unipd.it
Chiara D’Alpaos Delegate of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering Director – DICEA 0498276717 chiara.dalpaos@unipd.it
Vito Di Noto Elected by subscribing Teachers 0498275229 vito.dinoto@unipd.it
Fulvio Fontini Delegate of Department of Economics and Management Director – DSEA 0498274243 fulvio.fontini@unipd.it
Antonio Galgaro Delegate of Department of Geosciences Director 0498279123 antonio.galgaro@unipd.it
Francesco Lisi Delegate of the Department of Statistical Sciences Director 0498274182 francesco.lisi@unipd.it
Paolo Mattavelli Delegate of the Department of Management and Engineering Director 0444998709 paolo.mattavelli@unipd.it
Gaudenzio Meneghesso Delegate of the Department of Information Engineering Director – DEI 0498277653 gaudenzio.meneghesso@unipd.it
Enzo Menna Delegate of the Department of Chemical Sciences Director – DISC 0498275660 enzo.menna@unipd.it
Tomas Morosinotto Delegate of Department of Biology Director 0498277484 tomas.morosinotto@unipd.it
Mara Thiene Elected by subscribing Teachers 0498272760 mara.thiene@unipd.it
Paola Valbonesi Elected by subscribing Teachers 0498274058 paola.valbonesi@unipd.it
Tiziano Vargiolu Delegate of the Department of Mathematics Director 0498271383 tiziano.vargiolu@unipd.it